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A historic lake located in Kailashahar, about 178 kilometeres from the state capital, Agartala. Every year, a traditional water festival…

Soteromiar Hawor
Soteromiar Hawor

Marshy area fed by water of two streams namely, Jarail Cherra and Bagua Cherra, the water courses of the streams…

Bhabatarini Mandir, thumbnail
Bhabatarini Mandir, Kumarghat

Founded in the year 1981 on the occasion of Shivachaturdashi. There is a Eco-Kid park, temple of god Shiva and…

chaturdas devata mandir, kailashahar
Chaturdas Devata Mandir

According to the author of the book RAJMALA, Kaliprasanna Sen, Kailashahar was a prosperous janapath and also was the Capital…

udayan buddha bihar
Udayan Buddha Bihar

Situated at Pecharthal market place adjacent to National Highway NH44. Established in the year 1933. The idol is made of…

Laxmi Narayan Bari, kailashahar
Laxmi Narayan Mandir

Icon of Lord Krishna was installed by Krishnananda Sevayet of Laxmi Narayan temple in the year 1964. The temple is…

unakoti tourist place
Unakoti Heritage Site

It is ‘Shaiba’ (Saivite) pilgrimage and dates back to 7th – 9th centuries if not earlier. The marvellous rock carvings,…