Objectives of Disaster Management :-

To Minimize the distress of the common people during any Natural Disaster and to promote awareness amongst the mass people for safer escape from the possible distress caused by any Natural Calamity / Hazards. Like other District of the State, more than 60% area is hilly and has good forest coverage. The important hill ranges are Jampui in the South-East part of the North District in Kanchanpur Sub-Division. It is the highest range in the State, which is approximately 3000 ft. high from sea level. The other hill is Sakhan, which divides the Kanchanpur Sub-Division of the District and Longtharai Valley Sub-Division of Dhalai District located in the South-West part of the District. The river 'Deo' that subsequently meets the Manu river at Kumarghat area starts from the Chittagaong hill tracts and flows through the Kanchanpur Sub-Division towards North and goes to Bangladesh through the Kailashahar Sub-Division. The other two river Longai and Juri also flows from South to North.