There is a profusion of rock-cut images, belonging to 11-12th century A.D. , intricate and finely executed. This is as such an open air art gallery. Truly, over the backdrop of widespread hill ranges, surrounded by lush green and bush, a large no. of colossal figures of Hindu gods & goddesses engraved in a 45 mtr. Hillock. The place is 8 KM from District hq. Kailashahar and 180 KM from capital Agartala. Behind the name Unakoti, i.e. short of one crore. According to mythology, the dawn broke out while the craftsman had just finished making of one crore images of Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Hara-Gauri, Ganesh etc. Unakoti is termed as "Shaiva-Tirtha" which is visited by thousands of pious people from all over the region particularly during Ashokastami Mela in March-April to take a holy dip.

Location : 8 K.M. from District Head quarter (Kailashahar).
Accommodation : Uttarmegh Tourist Lodge (Dharmanagar).
Tariff : Double Bed Rs. 120/- + 10% Tax.
How to go to Unakoti ? From Kailashahar to Unakoti by bus( Fare Rs.10/-) only, Auto Rickshaw . From Dharmanagar to Unakoti by bus ( Fare Rs.15/-) only