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Unakoti Heritage Site

It is ‘Shaiba’ (Saivite) pilgrimage and dates back to 7th – 9th centuries if not earlier. The marvellous rock carvings, murals with their primitive beauty, waterfalls are not to be missed. Unakoti means one less than a crore and it is said that these many rock cut carvings are available here. As per Hindu mythology, when Lord Shiva was going to Kashi along with one crore gods and goddesses he made a night halt at this location. He asked all the gods and goddesses to wake up before sun rise and proceed for Kashi.


Icon of Lord Krishna was installed by Krishnananda Sevayet of Laxmi Narayan temple more than 45 years ago. The temple is also registered under Indian antiquitity act like monument. The main temple was constructed with some financial assistance of the royal family of Tripura. According to the legendary tale of the Bhagavata Tamal tree is closely associated with the life sport of Lord Krishna, probably considering this aspect, the sevayet planted Tamal tree in front of the temple about 35 years back. The branches of the Tamal tree have spreaded so nicely forming like a Canopy, which is indeed attractable.


Founded in the year 1981 on the occasion of Shivachaturdashi. There is a Eco-Kid park, temple of god Shiva and an idol of Lord Buddha near the Bhabatarini Temple. Thousands of pious people from all over the region visits the temple during Shiva Chaturdashi and Kali Puja.


Udayan Buddha Vihara is the most ancient Buddhist Temple (Vihara) in Tripura. It is situated at village Pecharthal (a Chakma Buddhist populated village) adjacent to National High way NH44. Established in the year 1931 on a land of about 5 kani, the idol is made of "Osto Dhatu" 8 types of metals, 4.5 ft. height, and weighs 300 Kg. The idol was brought from Mandalay, a city situated at Myanmar (formerly Burma). Hundreds of devotees from nearby land assembles in the time Buddha Jayanti in Buddha Purnima in the month April/May.

Chaturdas Devata Mandir

According to the author of the book �RAJMALA�, Kaliprasanna Sen, Kailashahar was a prosperous janapath and also was the Capital of Tripura. According to him Maharaja Indramanikya built palace at Rangauti at Kailashahar. There is a large lake (Khowra bil) prevailing an area of 5 Sq. KM, which is known as Rajar Deghi, one can see well planed pole surrounding the tank. An old big banyan tree near Chaturdas Devata Mandir and this large lake attracts thousands of people from nearby regions.


Marshy area fed by water of two streams namely, Jarail Cherra and Bagua Cherra, the water courses of the streams has met in the center of the field. It is said that 17 Moslems (Mia) was crossing this big water land by boat and their boats sank in the water, since then the area was known as Sateramiar Hawar, earlier it was full of aquatic trees. In winter swarms of migratory birds from Siberia visit this place. The forest dept. Govt. of Tripura proposed to make it bird centenary.

Maa Bhabatarini mandir, Kalishason


How to Get Into Unakoti District

Agartala, the state capital of Tripura is connected with Kolkata and Guwahati through daily domestic flights . Kailashahar the District Head quarter of Unakoti District is connected by regular Bus service with Agartala. The nearest rail station is at Kumarghat of NF railway. Kailashahar is also well connected by regular bus services with Guwahati, Shillong, Silchar and all districts and sub-divisional towns of the State.


There are various private hotels at Kailashahar as well as State Government Tourist lodges. In addition, at different tourist centres Tourist lodges of the state Government are available for tourists. The details are given below :-

1. Passenger oriented way side amenity at Kumarghat( 24 bedded- under construction)