Disbursment of Pension / Family pension / DCRG / Freedom fighter /Defenence Pension



Name of the certificate/license: Disbursment of pension / Family pension / DCRG / Freedom fighter /Defenence Pension
The act/rule under which Governed : Pension Rules
Issuing authorities : A.G. Tripura.
Where the application can be submitted A.G. Tripura
Whether any prescribed form of application exists or application on plain paper is allowed Yes, there are prescribed forms.
Whether any prescribed fees for application (if, so the amount) No
List of documents required to be submitted by the applicant:
  1. Service Book
  2. Service particulars
  3. Photograph etc.
Basic provision of the law/Govt. institutions in this regards with necessary reference if any : Pension Rules and other instruction issued by the Govt.
Basic criteria of issue of certificate/license etc: Pension is disbursed by the treasury through the Bank when the P.P.O is received from the A.G.

Procedure in brief for issue of such certificate

Whenever we receive P.P.O we maintain receipt register. The pensioner also appear with his sanction Memo while an option is obtained from him / her . In the option he she indicate it he likes to draw the money through the treasury or through the bank, if from the Bank the name of the bank and his A/C No. has to be given. As per the option we send instruction to the bank concerned for payment . If the person concerned likes to draw through the treasury. We keep the record. In case of pension ,family pension, the pensoner raise the Bill with the help of treasury staff normally on the last day of the month ,the bill is then checked and passed by the treasury and is sent to the U.B.I Kls from where the pensioner draw the money within third of the next month. In case of DCRG, commotation, final withdrawl of G.P.F the Deptt concerned raise the Bill which are normally passed with 4/5 days from the date of receipt of the Bill. In case of sending the P.P.O’s to the S.T.O DMN for payment for the people under the jurisdiction of the S.T.O DMN it takes normally 20/25 days because the section waits for collection of few cases which are sent at a time in stead of sending regularly one case at a time. At present there is no complain from any corner regarding the delay of pension etc.