According to the programme fixed by the Election Commission of India inclusion, deletion and correction of particular/particulars of any name in the electoral roll are generally made with the following procedure -

1. A citizen of India, whose age is not less than 18 years on the qualifying date fixed by the Election Commission of India and ordinarily resident of the polling area of a constituency may apply in Form 6 for inclusion of his/her name after draft publication of electoral roll.

2. An objection to inclusion of a name in the draft electoral roll may be filed in Form 7.

3. An objection for correction of any entry of particular or particulars of name in the electoral roll may be filed in Form 8.

4. With a view to assist /help the public for filing claims and objections and to supply forms free of cost as per programme fixed by the Election Commission, one designated officer is generally appointed in each polling station for the specified period.

5. In addition one designated officer is also appointed in each Tashil, SDO’ office and DM’s office for the purpose.

6. Applications may be filed on hand-written, typed-written, cyclostyled or photostate or manuscript forms also. But these should be identical with prescribed form.

7. Individual applications should only be accepted for receiving. However, if individual application relating to members of same household /family are presented together by an adult member of the family, they may be accepted.

8. Claims and objections presented by a bulk by any individual /organisation /political party should be refused to be accepted. Same principle should be followed at the time of supply of forms.

9. Counter signature of a voter in the application forms is not required alike earlier.

10. Applications may be filed in the concerned offices on any day within the stipulated period except on Sundays and public holidays during office hours.

11.. The concerned Electoral Registration Officers (SDOS) issues Notices to applicants for hearing. Accordingly the applicant is to appear with documents in support of his claim/objection.

12. After disposal of all claims and objections received during the specified period the Electoral Rolls along with supplements of amendments are published finally.





As soon as the Notification calling upon a constituency to elect a member or members of Lok Sabha or State Legislative Assembly is issued , nomination paper may be filed to the concerned Returning Officer in the following procedure.

1. The age of the candidate must not be less than twenty -five years .

2. In respect of election from a constituency of the State Legislative Assembly , the intending candidate must be an elector of any Assembly Constituency of the State.

3. In respect of election from a Parliamentary Constituency, the candidate must be an elector of any Parliamentary Constituency within the country.

4. Nomination paper is to be filed in Form 2A for contesting in Lok Sabha Election and in Form 2B for State Legislative Assembly election.


5. Every candidate must make a security deposit of Rs. 10,000/- for contesting in Lok Sabha Election and Rs. 5,000/- for State Legislative Assembly Election along with nomination paper. For SC/ST Candidates the required amount is half. One deposit is suffucient for more than one nomination.

6. In case of a candidate set up by a Nastional Party or state Party of Tripura , one proposer is sufficient. But in case of other candidates 10(ten) proposers are required . The proposers must be the voters of the constituency to which the candidate intends to contest.

7. Nominations can be filed to the respective Returning Officer or Assistant Returning Officer duly authorised for this purpose during specified hours i.e., from 11 AM to 3 PM on all working days within the period notified for the purpose except on the dates declared as Public Holidays.

8. Maximum 4(four) nomination papers can be filed in favour of one candiate.

9. No person can be nominated as candidate for more than two constituencies in the General Elections of the House of People or State Legislative Assembly.

10. If the candidate is a voter of a different Assembly constituency or Parliamentary Constituency to which he intends to contest , a certified copy of the relevent entries in the electoral roll needs be submitted with the nomination paper or at the time of scrutiny.

11. According to provison of the Constitution a candidate is required to make and subscribe an oath or affirmation in the prescribed form before the person authorised in that behalf by the election Commission of India and to submit a certificate to this effect issued by the said authorised person before the date fixed for scrutiny of nominaations, if may not possible to submit at the time for filing Nomination. Returning Officer is one of such authhorised persons.


12. Every candidate is required to submit before the date fixed for the scrutinty of nominations an Affidavit in prescribed format and a form of declaration to the effect that he/she is not disqualified for being chosen at the election on conviction for certain offences.

13. In a constituency reserved for SC or ST a person will not be qualified to be chosen as a candidate if he does not belong to a member of that SC or ST for which the constituency is reserved. However, a member of SC or ST may be candidate from a constituency which is Unreserved.

14. For being treated as a candidate set up by a party whether recognised or registered-unrecognised by the Election Commission of India , the concerned party must send their intimations in prescribed Forms A and B to the concerned Returning Officer of the State not later than 3 PM on the last date for making nominations.