Letters, after being received in the Receipt Section of the office are sent to the Head of the office for a glance through the bunch of letters. Head of office puts his initial on each letter and write the name of concerned section (or Person) who deals with the letter, give necessary instruction in short (e.g. Pls. Put up, file up, Take action within 4 days etc.) accordingly. There are letters, which are for information only, hence no action is required on those letters. They are only to be filed up. After proper marking, letters are sent to the data entry operator of DAK. Data entry operator enters relevant information in DAK and marks the ID no. given by DAK on the body of each letter, take a print out of the list of letters received on that day. The list of letters is grouped section wise. The section wise sorted letters along with the printout for that section to the concerned sections of the office. Monthly/ Weekly, Head of the office can monitors letters received by any section and action taken so far on each letter.