A large No. of Verification Roll/ Attestation Forms are being received from different Govt. organization for verification of Character and antecedence of the persons selected for Govt. job. This needs to be quickly verified and sent to the concerned offices. The CVCMS serves the purpose. The data is entered using Data entry option and forwarding letter is generated by the package for sending the forms to Superintendent of Police(DIB) for enquiry. The letter no. of the forwarding letter contains the ID No. of the case which helps in identification of the case later for updation after enquiry. On receipt of enquiry report a letter is generated by the package for sending the verification report to the concerned Offices. List of cases pending for enquiry are sent frequently to the SP ( DIB). The pending list is generated Police station wise which helps DIB in sending the lists directly to the concerned police station for early disposal. No. of pending cases can be generated year wise and also for each police station.