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Ashokastami Mela

An important festival of the State followed by a big fair popularly known as "Ashokastami Fair" is held at Unakoti Tirtha at Kailashahar every year in the month of March/April.

Mela and the rite of bathing appear to be the special characteristic of Unakoti. Shibaratri, Makar Sankranti and Ashokastami Mela are the famous festivale of Unakoti. Thousands of religious people gather on that occassion to perform rituals and take a holi dip in the water of Astami kunda. Bathing rite is a special function at Unakoti which is actually the main object of gathering of pilgrims at Shivaratri, Makar Sankranti and Ashokastami Mela.
Maghi Purnima Mela at Khowrabill

Fairs are held at the time of Maghi Purnima ( in the month of February /March) at Chaturdas Devata Mandir of Khowrabill under Kailashahar subdivision. Thousands of devotees visit the site during the mela.