Aims and objective of the Organization:

          India lives in its villages. Govt. therefore accords high priority for Rural development. DRDA is the bed rock for implementation and supervision of all poverty, wage employment, rural housing and the programmes of Ministry of Rural development, Govt. of India. Govt. of Tripura has established the District Rural Development Agency (DRDA), UNAKOTI with effect from 23.04.2012, by renaming and bifurcating the erstwhile North Tripura District Rural Development Agency (DRDA) vide Notification No.F.4(62)-RCC/11 dated 8th November’2012  for Planning, Implementation, Monitoring and evaluation of all poverty alleviation programme in the district.

2) Vision / Mission:

For effective and successful implementation of rural development programmes, DRDA is an effective delivery agency. None of the antipoverty programmes can have impact unless they are implemented with clarity of purpose full and a commitment to the task. It is here that the D.R.D.A. plays a crucial role. D.R.D.A. is a supporting and facilitation organization plays a very effective role as a catalyst in development process.

3) Brief History and Background of its Establishment:

           The Agency was registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 on 30/06/1982 as District Rural Development Agency, North Tripura, Kailashahar. Now the Revenue Department has created one new District namely UNAKOTI District with its head quarter at Kailashahar on 08/11/2012, bifurcating the erstwhile “NORTH TRIPURA” District and accordingly DRDA, North has been renamed as DRDA, Unakoti and started functioning in its new nomenclature w.e.f. 01.04.2012.

   The Governing Body & The Executive Committee of the D.R.D.A., Unakoti has been reconstituted as per the Bye-Law modified and amended by Government of Tripura. The Governing Body is the highest body of D.R.D.A. All the duties, powers, sanctions and rights whatsoever or consequential and incidental to the carrying performed by the Governing Body subject to such limitation as the Government of India and Government of Tripura may from time to time impose in respect of the expenditure of its Grants. The Governing Body of the Agency shall be the body constituted as such under the regulation of the Society. The Governing Body meets once in a quarter.


          The Sabhadhipati, Zilla Parisad is the chairman of the Governing Body. In this capacity he/she will preside over the meetings of the Governing Body.


          The District Magistrate & Collector is functioning as Ex-Officio Chief Executive Officer of the DRDA. All Executive and Financial powers of DRDA is vested with the Chief Executive Officer. In this capacity he/she will be fully responsible for successful execution of the relevant Schemes, Projects and Observation of the Central/State Government Guidelines in terms of maintenance of Accounts and Compliance procedure.


          All Schemes and Projects are approved by the Governing Body according to the Guidelines/Instructions of State Government. The Chief Executive Officer sanctions the funds and implement the Projects. However, before sanctioning of any fund, approval of the G.B/E.B, DRDA is obtained wherever expedient. The other Pnachayati Raj Institution i.e Panchayat Samity and Gram Panchayat will have overall supervision of Projects in their respective areas.


Details of Service rendered;


a. Releasing of fund to Blocks, GPs and Line Departments received from Government of India and State Government.


b. Preparation of Annual Action Plan.


c. Release of subsidy ot Banks, revolving fund, training funds and Infrastructure fund to BDO’s and other implementing agencies under SGSY.


d. Proper monitoring and supervision of filed work taken by the locks and Line Departments.