About Unakoti District

Unakoti District has been recently renamed from the original North Tripura District as the outcome of bifurcation of newly created North Tripura District comprising of the Northern most part of Tripura state which has come into effect from 21.01.2012. Kailashahar is the District headquarter of Unakoti District. The district has a total geographical area of 686.97 Sq. Km. It is bounded by Bangladesh on the Western side, North Tripura District on the Eastern side and Dhalai District on the South-western side.

There are 2 Revenue Circles, 10 TKs and 78 Revenue Villages.

Total population of the district is 2,98,574 (approx).
Litracy rate in the District is 88.29 percent (as per 2011 census), where the female literacy rate stands at 84.69 percent.

The District consists of four (4) Assembly Constituencies, viz., 50-Pabiacherra(SC), 51- Fatikroy(SC), 52- Chandipur(GL)and 53-Kailashahar ACs.
There are two (2) District Council Constituencies , viz., 2-Machmara and 4-Karamcherra(ST) DC constituencies.

Total voters' population in Unakoti District as per Fianl publication of Electoral Roll on 5.1.2012 is 1,51,697.

The District and divided into two sub-divisions, namely, Kailashahar and Kumarghat.
For the purpose of developmental activities it is divided into three Blocks namely Kumarghat, Pecharthal and Gournagar.

There are 30 GPs and 7 ADC villages in Kailashahar Sub-division and, 21 GPs and 20 ADC villages in Kumarghat Sub-division, taking the total to 78 GPs and ADC villages combined.

There are 15 wards in Kailshahar NP and 11 wards in Kumarghat NP

In both Kailshahar and Kumarghat sub divisions, there are, 1 District Council office each, 1 revenue circle each, 5 TKs' each and 39 revenue moujas each.